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Events of Note, Eugene

City Government 101!

January 21th, 6:00 PM @ Davis’ Restaurant, 94 W. Broadway, Eugene

Mayor Mayor
On the Wall
But Can She do
Anything at All?

Why did Eugenians just spend a million bucks to elect a mayor, if a mayor of Eugene has little power anyway? Why are many important decisions made by the city manager, an unelected official?  Why is the city council always bitterly deadlocked?  After a brief introduction to different forms of city governance, our panelists will discuss and debate the advantages and disadvantages of Eugene’s current form of government.  Should a professional city manager be in charge of administration? Should the mayor have more power?  Should the city councilors run the city?  If we don’t like it, should we change it?  We provide the forum, you decide.

Presented by the Bus Project and the Eugene Weekly

Weekend Permaculture Course

9th Annual Willamette Valley Permaculture Design Certificate Weekend Course

When: January 10/11, February 14/15, March 14/15, April 18/19, May 16/17, June 13/14, 2009

Why:  This course, through lecture, discussion, break-out groups, and hands-on experience, will give participants the tools to create ecologically based, sustainable landscapes, homes, and communities.

Tuition:  $575.00-$525.00 (sliding Scale)

Where:  Dharmalaya Center, Eugene, Oregon

Contact: Denise at or 541-688-1442

Cascadia Permaculture, which is collaborating to offer the course, creates "whole systems design for self-reliant living... This design system is all encompassing: from eco-building to organic gardening to economics. Permaculture is about inter-relationships of all living things in consideration of: Care for the Earth and Care for People." To paraphrase Cascadia, perma-culture offers the tools to make "going green" a reality.