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by Ashley Miller

LaneBus Project, with help from the Eugene Weekly and the Healthy Climate Partnership, is pleased to be holding the largest BrewHaHa forum ever in Lane County.  The event is affectionately named "Cap and Trade-aganza - Clash of the Climate Titans" and will feature some of the biggest names in Oregon politics, including Congressman Peter DeFazio and former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury.  The moderator for the evening is Attorney Dan Galpern, who joined the Western Environmental Law Center in 2006 after serving, consecutively, as a clerk for the Oregon Federal District Court and the Oregon Court of Appeals. The free event will be held Tuesday, April 7th at 7pm at Cozmic Pizza on the corner of 8th and Charnelton. 

BrewHaHa is the Bus Project’s monthly public forum. Held in pubs and galleries around the state, experts in their field—legislators, business leaders, political heavy-hitters, former governors, etc—engage the audience on key issues of the day. If people are talking about it, it’ll be talked about at BrewHaHa. And this event is no different.  We do it all, with one constant: combining fun and politics.

The question that we pose to these political heavy-hitters is this: Should Oregon have a cap and trade system of its own?  We will hear arguments for and against instating a cap and trade system here in Oregon and learn a bit more about the bigger picture of this type of climate control system.  And how better to do this than over some pizza and a brew? 

What is cap and trade exactly? Very simply, a regulating body places a cap on the amount of emissions that a group of polluters is allowed to emit. The cap is set lower than current emissions and gradually ratcheted down over time. The total amount of emissions permitted under the cap is divided into allowances, say one ton of pollution equals one allowance. These allowances are allocated to polluters who are then free to buy or sell them, while staying within the limits of the cap. Polluters who are able to reduce their emissions at low cost can sell their extra allowances to polluters who face higher costs.  (Oregon Environmental Council)

Currently, Senate Bill 80, sponsored by Governor Kulongoski,  directs the Environmental Quality Commission to set a cap on greenhouse gas pollution in Oregon from electricity generation, transportation, and other activities. It allows for greenhouse gas emission allowances and offsets to keep greenhouse gas pollution within a state, regional or nationally established cap. It would require reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and registration.

The Bus Project is an innovative vehicle for hands-on democracy. We drive leaders. We drive votes. We drive change. (And yes, we have a Bus. Even in Lane!)

Founded in 2001, the Bus Project engages the next generation of voters and leaders, mobilizing thousands of volunteers in five Western states. Programs like Trick-or-Vote bring voters out of the woodwork; BrewHaHa and Candidates Gone Wild creates engaging policy forums; Bus Trips help elect the forward-thinking candidates; and PolitiCorps trains the next generation of young leaders.

The Bus is guided by what we call the Six E’s:

    • Education

    • Environment,

    • Equal Rights

    • Economic Strength

    • Election Reform

    • and 'Ealth Care.

“The most exciting thing in Oregon politics in the last 20 years.”
– Former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts

“The Bus Project has become the model for how local youth organizing gets done.”
– Mike Connery, author of Youth to Power

“Every state should have a Bus Project!”
– Jim Hightower, activist and author of Swimming Against the Current

# # #

For more information about this event, or to schedule an interview with the LaneBus Project, please call  Ashley Miller at 541-968-8269. 

Also please visit the organization.

To contact the Healthy Climate Partnership, please call Brett Moser at 541-337-4585 or visit