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Cal Young Neighborhood Charter

Cal Young Neighborhood Association Charter
Recognized September 6, 1978 – Resolution No. 2
Amended, February 26, 1981 
Revision Adopted April 9, 1990 – Resolution No. 4174 
Amended, January 26, 2006 

ARTICLE I. NAME  The name of this organization is the Cal Young Neighborhood Association (The Association)
ARTICLE II. GEOGRAPHIC BOUNDARIES  The Cal Young Neighborhood Association encompasses that portion of the territory of the city of Eugene  bounded by the Willamette River, Coburg Road, Beltline Road, and the north Eugene city limits. The  neighborhood shall be divided into the numbered areas shown on the attached map, which is hereby  incorporated by reference. The Executive Committee may from time to time consolidate, subdivide, or alter the  area boundaries.  
ARTICLE III. PURPOSE   Section 1. Advisory to City. The Association is advisory to the City Council, Planning Commission, and other  City boards, commissions, and officials on matters affecting the growth and development of the neighborhood.  The Association may develop proposals with respect to land use, zoning, parks, op[en space and recreation,  annexation, housing, community facilities, transportation and traffic, public safety, sanitation, and other  activities and public services which affect the neighborhood.   Section 2. Neighborhood Focus. The Association shall address all matters which affect the neighborhood in  accordance with the City of Eugene’s Neighborhood Organization Recognition Policy, Resolution No. 2554, as  amended by Resolution No. 3746, including problems of public safety and economic development.   Section 3. Educational. The Association shall serve in an educational capacity to inform the citizens of the  neighborhood. The Association shall encourage and facilitate communication among citizens on matters of  common concern.  
ARTICLE IV. POWERS  The Association may do whatever is necessary and appropriate to enable it to exercise the powers granted or  allowed to it by the Eugene Neighborhood Organization Recognition Policy, Resolution No. 2554, as amended  by Resolution No. 3746.  
ARTICLE V. PARTICIPATION  Section 1. Entitlement. Participation in the affairs of the Association is open to any 16-year-old or older resident  and/or representative of a property owner or business located within the boundaries described in ARTICLE II.   Section 2. Voice and Voting.  a.)  Each person entitled to participate as defined in Section 1 of this ARTICLE is entitled to speak at  any  General or Executive Committee meeting and is entitled to one participant vote whenever  votes are taken, at an Executive Committee meeting, as provided in ARTICLE VII, Section 7 of  this charter. All participants are entitled to one vote on any motion brought before the membership  at any General Meeting.  b.) No absentee voting or voting by proxy shall be allowed.  
ARTICLE VI. OFFICERS  Section 1.. The officers are a President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and a Newsletter Editor and shall  reside within the Association boundaries.  Section 2. Duties of President. The President shall coordinate and supervise the business and activities of the  Executive Committee and The Association. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive  Committee and all  general  meetings, serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, and be the primary  contact person for and liaison with the City of Eugene.   Section 3. Duties of Vice President. The Vice President shall assist the President upon request. In the absence of  the President, or in the President’s inability or refusal to act, the Vice President shall execute the duties and  powers of the President.  
Section 4. Absences. If a member of the Executive Committee is absent for four consecutive meetings,  either regular or special, that member’s position shall be vacated unless the Committee finds that  extraordinary circumstances prevent the member’s attendance.  
Section 5 Termination. Membership on the Executive Committee terminates at once for anyone who  moves from the neighborhood.  
Section 6. Vacancies. The Executive Committee shall by appointment fill vacancies in the offices of  President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor.  
ARTICLE IX  MEETINGS   The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall guide the Cal Young Neighborhood Association in  all cases in which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the charter or by-laws  of the Association. 
Section 1.  General Meetings:    There shall be a minimum of four General Meetings per year, at a time and place to be decided by the  Executive Committee.  All general meetings of the Association are open to the public. The quorum  necessary to transact business at any General Meeting is ten participants.  
Section 2.  Annual Meetings:  The Annual Association Meeting shall be the first general meeting of the calendar year. 
Section 3. Notice of Meetings.  a.) The dates of all regularly scheduled meetings shall be published in the newsletter. In addition, notice  of each regularly scheduled meeting shall be separately published in the newsletter issued prior to that  meeting, and shall also be provided to the City of Eugene Neighborhood Liaison Office for such  additional public notice as may be possible. Notice of special meetings of the Executive Committee shall  be given to all Executive Committee members and to the Neighborhood Liaison Office for such public  notice as may be possible.   b.) Notice shall include the date, time, and place of each meeting and a summary of the agenda.  
Section 4. Meeting Agendas. Meeting agendas shall include all items requested by the President or any  two members of the Executive Committee. Any participant may raise and have discussed any additional  item not previously on the agenda, but that item shall not be voted upon until the next meeting unless  two- thirds of the members present and voting approve a motion to allow voting at the same meeting. 
Section 5. Minutes. Minutes shall be kept on file and summaries of actions taken shall be communicated  to the Association generally through publication in the Cal Young Neighborhood Association  Newsletter. 
ARTICLE X. NEIGHBORHOOD NEWSLETTER   Section 1. Name and Purpose. The purpose of the Cal Young Neighborhood Association Newsletter is to  distribute information to the neighborhood generally and to provide a forum for free expression of  opinions by persons entitled to participate in the Association on issues of interest to the neighborhood.   Section 2. General Policies.   a.) Advocacy positions may be included in the newsletter in an editorial format. The newsletter shall  clearly indicate editorial material and guarantee space for timely printing of differing viewpoints.   b.) Commercial advertising shall not be permitted.   c.) The Executive Committee has the ultimate responsibility for the contents of the newsletter.   d.) Each issue of the newsletter shall identify the officers of the neighborhood, the Newsletter Editor, and  those compiling that issue, if other than the officers or editor.   e.) Each issue of the newsletter shall include an address or phone number for submission of articles,  letters, or other material.