Vegetables in Eugene Area

In the city...

In the country:

Groundwork Organics
fruits, vegetables

Hand To Mouth Organics
vegetables, herbs, beans, flowers

Hentze Farm
Berries, fruit, beans, vegetables, herbs, nuts

Lone Pine Farms
fruits, vegetables, pumpkins, corn

Lonesome Whistle Garden Collective (31241 Lanes Turn Road, Eugene, OR 97408)
vegetables, orchard fruit, berries, and herbs

Lost Creek Farms
beef, eggs, milk, vegetables, and fruit

River Bend Farm and Pleasant Hill Orchard
fruits, vegetables, nuts, Apple Cider

Slo Farm (34141 Seavey Loop Rd, Eugene, OR 97405-8663 (541) 484-9973 )
fruits, vegetables, berries

Stillpoint Farm  (86915 Territorial Road, Veneta, OR 97487, 541-914-4917)
berries, vegetables, fruits

Sweetwater Nursery
fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms