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Chapter 6

In the galaxy today, with the presence of space always close by, we always have the chance to simply drift off, at relatively little cost and cut loose from gravity.  With space trenches crisscrossing the planet, with a short flight up into boundless weightlessness always at hand, how does one stay grounded?

It is necessary, under these circumstances, to expand place, expand live-able human ground.  This is done, not by simply engineering larger and larger space stations; indeed the large space stations are clusters of detached human lives strung like glass bouys in a fishing net, dangled in the darkness of space.  In the space stations each person in his or her own globe commutes for hours to seek his or her own personal satisfaction.  Expanding live-able human ground is done through encounter.

S. Pellier is infinitely old.  His great age comes from his ability to always change, slip into various shapes and sizes, beings.  He is capable of meeting any other being or creature at its own scale, and that meeting becomes an infinite moment, ecstatic and delicious.  This is the power of the shape-changers.

We mere humans can only live our simple short lives.  In the delicious moments we find our living platforms, our places of rest, refuge from the vastness of space.  With songs, stories, and memories, these moments, these encounters, come to enrich and lengthen all the moments that they come into contact with.  In the songs, in the stories, we seek timelessness.