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Chapter 53

How will i leave this room with the sand colored walls?
How will I leave this city of the night?

At some time in the early morning, already the sky is bright.  Through the window, slid wide open, I see the fog and clouds moving by.  Wind rattles the window pane.  I sandwich a paper crane between the window panes.  The crane was made from poetry paper when I served tea to my friends here.  Once garbage, now a crane, it softens the banging of old window panes.

Hours later, rain is falling in, dusting into the room.  Outside, sheets of water pour down.    Closing, now it's only heat and sweat that I feel, and a personal silence.

Swarms of dragon flies cluster by the towers of the Truth in Hope temple.   The stones of the temple walls are not the usual beige, but almost brown and orange in places, wet, and glistening.

The clouds will break into the old roof of curved ceramic tile, the droplets finding their way through the boards will become rivulets, and old walls will be torn down into sandy mud.  Is that the future of this house?  I won't be here to see it?

On the other side of the galaxy, having passed by a thousand worlds, I'll land in one far away.  And what then of this old room, where I have slept, and awakened.  What of this city of the night?