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Chapter 50

Eventually it seems I have taken up the space man's offer: I venture to a foreign world.  This craft, like a long boat, glides up the old canal of Otoyk, and now to the eastern mountains.  With what power can we float over mountains?  We follow a strange black river.

There are two rivers.  This one we see and follow, black or grey, solid; it repels rain or snow, uninhabitable.  And there is another river, running deeply in the earth, unseen, ancient, hidden, the final gift of a billion lives.

This other river is a river of power.  We use it to fuel our crafts, to lift houses over mountains.  Using this river, human dreams take flight as picture perfect realities, metaphor and language take on solid form, imagined heights of status become real physical distance.

The infinitely sided sphere of opportunity, on which, at any moment one stands at the exact center and the exact highest point, is stretched by the power from this hidden river.

Used, the river flows from deep inside the earth into a shallow human world manifesting mutative dreams of power, and then finally dissipating into the sky above.

Light, the intangible thread binding all beings in chains of life dangling in the darkness of space, meets this second river in the sky.  The aged chains twist; many break and scatter.  How can single generations, single links, handle the sudden encounter with the death gift of a billion lives?