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Chapter 47

I awake in a bath of pale light and birdsongs.  I lie in bed recollecting, and recollecting continues until finally I find myself again in this sand colored room.

I'm not sure how I got here, although I could probably find a story or a chain of happenings if I examined my memories.

I fold the blankets and bedding around me.  Linens dapple with pools of shadow and cascades of light.  I suddenly wonder if I've seen linens like this before.  How can any experience (and people pay a lot for experiences!) compare with this simple encounter?

How many days has it been since I have been here?  How many days has it been since I have returned here collected for such an encounter.  So many days of waking with the next chore weighing on my mind: breakfast, work, or even a future plan- all without the sudden freedom of the present.