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Chapter 42

A week later we talk about selling water.  Water is, basically, free.  But, there are places where the atmosphere is so beautiful, where customers experience such a good time, where the cushions and tables and walls are so stylish, where the girls are so kind... in such a place men will pay for water, and they will pay far beyond its normal value.

The chemist takes his friends from the capital there.  They are rich and they buy water.  "Buying water is for gentlemen," he says.  "A gentleman is a man with strict morals, so only gentlemen should be allowed to buy water.  After all, all gentlemen want to have affairs with beautiful women."

"There are those who don't have morals, and they are people who don't respect others.  They should not be allowed to do this.  They should not be allowed to buy water because they don't respect people."

"Rich people usually are gentlemen.  Rich people tend to have good morals" he says.  I disagree with him, but he tells me, "Perhaps, but there is a trend that rich are good, and that is why they are rich."