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Chapter 33

The night was thick and heavy in the cold air of winter.  A sliver of white moon peered out from the dark blanket.  On the world of Bending Sight, Truth and I climbed the mountain of the Great Shrine.

We passed through the red frames.  They start large.  A huge crimson gate marks the entrance to the mountain.  We humans likewise are small, our heads barely above the stone base of the tree trunk sized posts.  And then suddenly, after about 40 large frames, we pass into a tunnel of small ones.   Here, we humans almost scrape the top of the frame with our heads.  After this, the changes are not so sudden as the frames wind up the mountain.  Sometimes we walk tall, sometimes we walk small.

Each frame is a moment, like a picture in a story book.  Each frame is a view of the past and a view of the present, erected by some business, admitting the power of the Great Shrine.  Each business represents a world of customers, clients, and workers.  Some businesses are old, holed up in some ancient section of a  distant world.  The same families have been working together, serving each other for generations.  Their way of life seems as natural as the bends and waterfalls in the valley where they live, breathe, and die.  Some businesses are new, representing some new market that has suddenly opened, some new power source that has been tapped, some new invention that digests that power into various conveniences before it becomes waste.

The frames pass away too.  Mostly built of wood, they rot and crumble.  The whole path is like this, frames in some stage of passing away.

I walk through many of these picture frames, tasting various views along the way and participating in various feasts.  I walk here because I have wishes.  I have dreams and wants.  My own business is that of the Nacerima language teacher, but I have other business too.  I am investing here.  I am learning here.  I don't forget the shape changers.

After all, the Great Shrine of Bending Sight is home to a shape changer, Lord Inari.  This is his home world.