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Chapter 3

I am living in the most ancient city of Nohin, Otoyk.  Otoyk exists on the planet's surface.  Hundreds of neighborhoods fill the city, each with subtle and ancient character.  From the fields and mountains of the planet many arts are created in Otoyk.  1000 products of individual nature can be bought in the shops here.  1000 foods can be tasted, each changing with the seasons.  In the summer one can find meat of the bony eel, long white noodles, and cool Jellies served on leaves, to name a few.  However, even here, among the ancient lanes and ancient houses, space people drive their huge noisy rocket ships.  The space people think their shiny metal ships are sleek and beautiful, but how can they be anything but clumsy in this ancient  city of dark wooden slats, soft door hangings tumbling in the wind, and gardens that beacon directly to the human soul.

Yet the allure of space continues.  Most of the ancient city is inhabited by the very old, those who keep to the old ways.  Younger people and families choose the space life.  Yet, many don't entirely take to the skies.  Instead, they bring space down to earth- they destroy the old houses, the old shops, the old inns, and gardens.  In their place they bring the void, dark, black, grey; for the void of space is the only place they can park their big metal space ships.

Slowly, as the old people die and their children come to claim their planetary homes, these homes are turned into space.  Empty, nonhuman, space.