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Chapter 25

Some say that the beat of the drum is like the beat of the heart.  We humans resonate with the rhythm of the universe.  Today, I came close to a loud drum.

We traveled together, "Wishes Come True," "Second," "Compendium," "Beautiful Freedom," and I.  We flew there, of course.  In a big jet we darted out high above Otoyk.  The sun was shining and we slid through clear blue sky.  Looking out our window, "Second" named a few old cities as we passed over them.  Soon we left Otoyk altogether and reached the nearby world, Akaso.  Akaso is an urban world, famous for its gaudy fashions and colorful personalities.  In all of Nohin, the people of Akaso are said to be the funniest.  I grew excited approaching this new world-- but we flew right over its vast cities-- we flew across the sea to a small island spaceport.  Ringed by palms, Osigan is in a beautiful spot.  The weather could not have been better.  In every direction bright blue sky nearly met bright blue sea.  In the distance we could see far off mountains and floating cities.

We were drawn by the beating.  Amplified drumming and amplified joy shined out from Osigan like the sun shined down from above.  Throbbing crowds, burning with the beat, yelped and rocked with the drums.  We reached our hands to the sky, drenched our bodies in sunlight and swam in sound.  The energy and music poured out of the huge speakers, washing over us.  Wave after wave crashed by, resonating, running in every direction, and dissipating into thin air and beyond, into space.

So many youthful, smiling, joyful, beautiful faces I saw on that island.  The joy burned bright; a globe, a star.

But what about the world below?  What about Asako, and the other worlds from which these people came?  The joyful dance and song is missing there today.  The young people are missing there.  Once they called from house to house on narrow streets, singing love songs; now they are only beautiful bodies, swaying to an amplified, universal, electronic drum. 

The beauties of a thousand worlds burn here.  But the fire does not catch, the way it would have, long ago.  When the plug is pulled late tonight, when the battery dies, the fire will dim, and the dancing will stop, still, cold, and dark, in the vacuum.