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Chapter 48

Some time ago, I made the decision to land here in this world.  Having passed through clouds, I now let the swirling skies roll on high above.

On the surface, I started walking on grassy paths.  The tips of green leaves didn't rise above my ankles and the pebbles lay beneath my feat.

Slowly, as I walked through meadows and fields, I entered thicker brush.  Grasses rose to the knees or even the hips at times.  Burs clung to my pants.  Butterflies flew about my chest.  Crickets bounded over my shoulders.  In a marsh, cattails and long reeds began to rise above my head.  My feet sank into a slushy brine of larvae and minnows.

Now, I walk in a forest.  Long shadows have melded into one shadow with breaks of light.  Branches curl patterns into the sky.  Early summer leaves twinkle in the daylight and shiver in the breeze.

What I once thought was grass five inches high is now tall pines and a wide canopy of elms.  I walk in this world and examine each magnificent tree, climb onto each great boulder.

I wonder if, in time, I'll sink into this moss as well.  It will seem a forest.